8 Shark Tank Companies with Glamour-Packed Options for Budget Savvy Brides

Soon-to-be-brides, take a deep breath, step back…we know you’ve been silently freaking out about the cost of your wedding. Just kidding! We know that right now you’ve got lots to say, and that actually you’re not feeling very shy about anything, but gosh, darn it, we can’t handle the fact that right around the happiest moment of your life, you’re actually full-blown panicking.

And because we find this situation so downright intolerable, we took it upon ourselves to hit the sofa and do some serious binge watching…erm…product research for you. We know that this is your big moment, and we want you to shine without having to worry about how the cost of your big dreams might actually be setting fire to your finances. Not cool, my brides, not cool!

Good thing we’re such mega fans of ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, because not only is it back on the air and more addictive in its eighth season than ever, but it’s also had a history of backing some real winners when it comes to companies that make products that every budget savvy bride should start getting familiar with, and we mean, in a hurry!

What did all of our hours of product research reveal?

You guessed it: 8 Shark Tank featured companies with glamour-packed deals that look like major hits but that feel like major steals, because why? Because we think every bride deserves all the right kinds of NICE when it comes to her wedding day, and we’re here to show you that not only is it easy to align your wedding goals with your budget, but that you’ll actually not lose anything by doing it!

We hope that you seriously enjoy this…

1) The Dress: Nearly Newlywed Bridal Boutique

The perfect dress? Well, of course it’s a big, expensive deal, right? Not so, my brides, not so. Consider Nearly Newlywed, a company that has so many fine options when it comes to wedding gowns that you’ll soon get over the hump of worrying about how another bride wore the dress before you…like one single time, and like one single day, and like only the most important day of her life, and for maybe six hours. I mean, come on!

If you’re serious about putting your dollars to work, then get excited because Nearly Newlywed has a ton of fancy options that will take the trauma, the hassle, and the cost out of your boutique wedding dress shopping. Seriously, with a huge variety of pre-owned wedding dresses that are as budget-friendly as they are beautiful, what more could a budget savvy bride ask for? And if you’re still harboring doubts, take a wander over to their website and sneak a look for yourselves!

2) The Veil: Litter


Chaing Veil for the whimsical bride from litter| Inez Chain Veil, $330 ~ Image by Litter |

We love how undeniably romantic wedding veils are, but if you’re thinking we mean only the lace and taffeta kind, think again, because for the bride who isn’t afraid to choose a veil made from metal, Litter offers several impressively whimsical designs that could win even the most traditional brides over. Constructed largely from recycled, vintage, or broken materials that have been reworked into new, one-of-a-kind pieces, Litter has many breathtaking veils for brides who favor intricate, nontraditional headpieces, and/or jewelry.

3) The Shoes: Solemates and Litter


| Image by Solemates |

Okay, so while these products aren’t technically shoes, Solemates and Litter still qualify as really smart footwear choices. Having an outdoor wedding and don’t want to get tripped up, and stuck in the grass? Solemates’ heel protectors were literally made for you. Better yet, they couldn’t be easier to use.


Solemates Heel Protector

| Solemates High Heel Protector, $12.00  ~ Image by Solemates |


Available in three different sizes, and designed to increase the surface area of your shoe’s heel, simply slip the plastic protectors over your stiletto’s heel, click into place, and voila…your heels are not only perfectly protected from damage, but they will also keep you from sinking into the grass and stumbling over yourself in exactly the moment that matters.

Come to think of it, at only $12.00 a pair, this is a product that is too good not to share. Why not pick up a few for your bridesmaids?

Barefoot Sandals from Litter

Beatrix Barefoot Sandals, $130  ~ Image by Litter |

Not planning on wearing shoes down the aisle, but still want your feet to look bedazzled? With just the right balance of freedom and fancy, Litter’s bohemian-inspired anklets might be the perfect answer for you!

4) The Lingerie: Naja

Naja Lingerie

Martina Lo-Rise Ivory, $25  ~ Image by Naja |

And for the brides who want to look good, feel good, and promote good work on their wedding day, Naja provides lingerie that is ethically made, eco-conscious, budget-friendly, and let’s not forget, also undeniably pretty. With a mission to “empower women through lingerie,” Naja is a company that, as its website claims, “primarily employs single women or female heads of households,” and pays them “above market wages with health benefits.” The result? An excellent feel-good choice that’s well-suited to a socially-conscious bride’s wedding day.

In need of something blue? Try these. Your partner will love how you look!

Blue Underwear from Naja

| In need of something blue? Try these! ~ Image by Naja |

5) The Bridal Clutch: Sarah Oliver Handbags

The organized bride knows that she needs a convenient place to stash all the little extras that will keep her looking fresh and fabulous throughout her wedding day. It’s a good thing then that Sarah Oliver Handbags offer just such a place and, knitted by a team of elderly men and women affectionately known as the “Purlettes + 1,” this is another company producing Made in America products that are sure to leave a bride feeling really good about her purchase.

6) The Bouquet – Eco Flower

While we’re sad to see several poor reviews online, Eco Flower is a company that, for a bride who has patience and time on her side, may still provide an eco-friendly, and budget-worthy alternative to the traditional fresh flower bouquet. Made from recycled, reclaimed, and sustainable materials, Eco Flowers will never wilt in the sun, and can serve as a lasting keepsake of that really special moment that a bride walked down the aisle.

7) The Wedding Aisle Runner: The Original Runner Company

oheka castle crest_ Brett Mathews Photography

| Image by Brett Matthews Photography via The Original Runner Company |

Speaking of walking down the aisle…The Original Runner Company provides beautiful, easy to customize, and affordable non-slip fabric aisle runners that are not only machine washable, but that can, after the wedding is over, be converted into table runners, memory quilts, and a variety of other unique keepsakes perfect for commemorating the all-important moment that a bride and groom promised to love and cherish each other for life. Need proof? Take a look at how the runner below was converted into treasured wall art after the big day was over!


8) The Wedding Cake: Fun Cakes

Want a swoon-worthy wedding cake, but don’t want to pay a hefty price for it? Fun Cakes has a novel idea for you: How about renting one? How would it work? For a fraction of the cost of a real cake, Fun Cakes will rent you a foam cake that, covered in real fondant, will end up looking every inch as impressive as a real cake would have. A win, right?

ButtercreamFlowers from Fun Cakes

Image by Funcakes |

Except now you’re worrying about how to get past that cake-cutting moment, and also how you’ll feed the cake connoisseurs that you know are in your crowd. Stop worrying! Fun Cakes have you covered, and have built a secret compartment into their foam cakes that makes it super easy to slip a slice of real cake into it in advance, allowing bride and groom to enjoy that “feeding each other” moment. And in terms of feeding everyone else, Fun Cakes suggest ordering a sheet cake from a local bakery, or wholesale store and serving this to your guests who will, let’s face it, never know the difference.

While devilishly sneaky, this is a fun, inventive, and super budget-friendly solution that, if a bride plays her cards right, will probably result in fresher, better tasting cake for guests, and a dream-worthy centerpiece cake that won’t set the wedding budget on fire.

Nice moves, budget savvy brides. As they say – happy budget, happy life!

Know of any Shark Tank products perfect for budget savvy brides that we missed? Leave us a comment!

* Image Credits: Our special thanks to Fun Cakes, Litter, Naja, Solemates, and The Original Runner Company for their combined generosity.

— Tasmine Mocke

First published on Dandelion Styling and Events – March 31, 2017



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